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LG Hair and Makeup!

Please review the below information

in preparation for your event

Photo credit Deb Boots - bridal

If you are staying in a hotel/apartment, please text me once you have checked in with your room number, and any gate/access codes I need.

It is important to know some of things you will need to bring, along with some hair prep and extra tips on how best to prepare for the big day.


There are two things you will need to bring with you on the day: a lipstick and a translucent pressed powder.

The lipstick is to reapply during the day. I will have mine with me, but it is best to use the one you will be using throughout the day. I have found a few very popular ones for brides are MAC Lustre Patisserie, or Faux. You can sample these at any MAC store and it is a good place to start looking for the right colour if you are not sure where to start. Based on your colouring you may want to go a similar shade but with more of a peach, nude, etc undertone. Unless of course you are going for bright coloured lip!  

It is best to stay away from Stay-On lip colours, or Long-Wear lip colours, unless you wear it all the time and know that it will not crack and look crumbly. NARS do a lip pigment which will have extra staying power, along with Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick.

I will have MAC lipsticks that you can purchase from me for $30. Please be aware that I only stock the most popular colours listed above. To save you the hunt for these popular ones you can also purchase this from me for $46 (same as MAC) on the day. Please let me know if you would like one if you know in advance to ensure stock availability.

You also need to get a translucent pressed powder.

The makeup I use will last throughout the day and evening, however you can't really avoid the shine that everyone gets here in the tropics. I will supply you with some blotting paper and tell you how to use it, then you can use the pressed powder.

You will not need to do this for a few hours after I have left. Please make sure it is translucent – this will go on any skin colour and tone. It also needs to be pressed so that you do not risk getting any loose powder on your dress when applying it.

A good one is also from MAC – it is their blotting powder. The most popular colour is their medium/dark as this suits most skin tones. Unless you are quite pale this is the best one to get. To save you the hunt for this you can also purchase this from me for $46 (same as MAC) on the day. Please let me know if you would like one if you know in advance to ensure stock availability.

If you choose another brand please do a quick Google search to see how it rates for it’s reflective properties. Some translucent powders reflect white in photos so will not be ideal for being photographed. Please remember they need to be suitable for the tropical climate we have here.


On the day please make sure that if you are having makeup done that your face is clean and completely void of makeup. Waterproof mascara can be hard to get off, but makeup remover wipes will do the trick.


images (1).jpeg


With regards to hair preparation, if you are having your hair in an up style please have it clean and dry. Please do NOT shampoo and condition it on the day. The day before is good. If it is shampooed on the day it can be very slippery to work with. If your hair is excessively greasy you may be limited on what you can do with it.

Anyone having a blow dry will need to have their hair freshly washed, wet and ready to blow dry.

Photo credit Matthew Evans Photography.j

We can discuss styles for hair and makeup on the day if you are not having a trial. Photos are always good as it will ensure we are on the same page, just in case you are not sure how to explain exactly what you want. Please note, all of the photos are for inspiration only and we will discuss them and work out how to adapt them just for you.

Please note: if you are having an up-style or curls then please do not have your hair wet. If anyone has wet hair and needs a blow-dry then there will be an additional cost of $50 to blow dry the hair before the services that have been booked can start. This will mean that if more than one person has wet hair and are having these additional services it may result in you not being ready on time.

If you require hair extensions for the day you will need to purchase these at least 7 days before arrival. I am happy to assist you with this so we can ensure you get the best extensions for your chosen style and can colour match them for you.

View Hair Extensions here.

Bridal hair accessories port douglas

When deciding on your wedding hair style, please consider if you are having a veil, hair clip/comb,  flower crown, etc. I am happy to consult with you about this before your wedding day.


Take a look at hair accessories here.

Extra Tips

  • If you do not normally have regular facials, please do not have one in the week leading up to your event. Facials will generally bring out impurities in your skin leaving you with blemishes on the day of your event. Facials in the months leading up to your wedding will make a big difference to your skin.

  • Exfoliate! If you are getting low on time you do not need to invest in expensive facial exfoliants – if you buy exfoliating gloves these are great for use in the week leading up to your big day. Use them all over for an even tan (use sunscreen!) and use lightly on your face. These will get rid of dry patches and even out your skin, especially around the nose. Always follow with a good moisturiser. Please note – this is a quick fix and should not be used for a prolonged period of time. If you would like to discuss a skincare routine for you to do at home in the lead up to the wedding please let me know. Full body exfoliating is VERY important if you are having a spray tan too – this is the difference between a patchy tan and a seamless golden goddess!

  • Waxing – please have your facial waxing done at least 5 days before your event. Freshly waxed skin can be hard to hold makeup, especially with our FNQ humidity. This is also a good amount of time for your skin to settle back down after your waxing.

  • Water! – please remember to drink lots of water in the weeks leading up to your big day! When you are hydrated your skin looks great! Plus – no fainting brides on my watch! ;0) There will be lots of standing around in the heat – talking to guests, photos, etc. You will be glad to be super hydrated, especially after you add a few glasses of champagne into the mix.


A large glass of Hyrdralyte right before you leave for your ceremony will have you hydrated and ready for the day ahead


  • The sun in Far North Queensland is not very forgiving – please use plenty of sunscreen while you are in Port Douglas in the days leading up to your event. Especially if you are going out to the Great Barrier Reef! Makeup does not generally like to stick to sunburnt skin. It will also make you uncomfortable during your day.


Use PLENTY of sunscreen!


The Port Douglas Beauty Hub


The Finishing Touch

Nails – this is by far the most popular request from brides and their bridal party.

Most therapists in Port Douglas will do manicures only.

If you are looking at having different options (nail extensions, acrylics, SNS, or gel polish) as well as manicures/pedicures then I can book you in locally to have this done with my tried and tested nail technicians.


Time to Relax

Spa – if you would like some more information about spa days for your wedding party then please do not hesitate to ask. I can arrange spa days for you with a variety of treatments to make you and your girls feel super pampered and relaxed in time for the big day. 

There are spa packages to suit every budget.

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Golden Goddess

Tanning – a spray tan can be great to give you some extra colour on your big day. If this is something you wanting for your event, please have this done professionally, especially when being photographed. I can arrange this for you in Port Douglas. It is important that you get a tan which blends with your skin tone, gives you a natural tan (not orange!) and most importantly does not clog or become patchy around your neck, eyes, or chest.

What you are about to see is the product of years of hard work, coffee, and very little sleep. From working for years in Port Douglas in the wedding industry, I know exactly what brides want and need when thinking of all things beauty for their big day.


I’m proud to offer my brides and clients the very best in the world of beauty and aesthetics.


The Port Douglas Beauty Hub was created to make booking all of your beauty needs in Port Douglas as seamless and convenient as possible - all in one place. From offering hair extensions and bridal hair accessories, to tanning, nails, or a Spa Day for your bridal party...I will arrange for the best in the business to take care of you and your closest friends and family in the lead up to the Big Day!

This is also a Guest Beauty Hub...your guests are also welcome to make their booking here for hair and makeup, nails, etc and I will arrange for my team to also have them wedding ready!

I will shortly send through an invoice for the deposit for the day. Can you please use your name as the reference when making the transfer. I will email the invoice for the final balance one month before the wedding.


Please note, when booking other services such as tanning, nails, lashes, etc I have sourced the best in the industry for you! (No – they aren’t all just my friends LOL)


Please let me know as soon as possible if you would like add any additional people to your booking so we can adjust timings, etc.


I also have a team of hair and makeup artists available so please let me know if you have extended family or guests who you would like to book services for.


I look forward to meeting you, and please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any queries.


A tip for when you are all here - please bring your own shampoo and conditioner for use at the resort - the shampoo the resorts supply will generally make your hair go frizzy, or the eco-shampoo they supply will make it extra greasy due the oil content in them.


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