Create full volume and length in an instant. The Amazing Secret all-in-one hair weft is quickly secured to wearer's hair via a super fine adjustable hoop. The hoop is placed over the crown of the wearer's head and can be adjusted for a perfect snug fit. The wearer's natural hair is then combed over the hoop, so it is completely undetectable. 


A generous amount of hair is sewn onto a deicate lace weft, with the fine adjustable soft hoop treaded through the fastening system. No glue or clips needed! Instantly the hair is fuller and more voluminous whilst looking incredibly natural.


Product Benefits:

- Quick and easy application and removal (as quick as 10 seconds)

- Highest quality human hair

- Incredibly gentle on the natural hair

- Immediately creates a fuller and voluminous look

- Easy to wash and style

- Suitable for all hair types

- 16 & 20 inch length

The Amazing Secret - 100% Human Hair